ASDF Members need to pay only GBP 1 per copyright whereas the other members needs to pay GBP 2 per copyright signed. Not only this, there are numerous number of benefits of being ASDF Member. Signup now.

The new membership sign-up is a simple process across. Click on the link below, fill-in the form, make the payment and click on the confirmation link at your email. If you haven’t received the link in 2 minutes, requested to check the Spam / Junk folder of the email. Fill in the other particulars now, ASDF Memberships Administrator will approve / reject the new membership request within 24 hours maximum. And again, you will get the confirmation emails and approval status emails.

During the CopyRight filing process, the CopyRight holder should have a 16-Digit ASDF Membership ID. Without which the system will not move forward. Wrong ASDF ID will lead to the cancellation of the CopyRight signed.